Learning Path for Digital Journey

If you would like to choose Digital as your career path, you may need to encounter life-long learning.

Facing a digital-first era around the world, we need to keep ourselves up to the latest software trends.

Learning something new, in order to catch with the digital world.

Digital Chan, 2021

There are 4 main parts that I believe should be a continuous learning hub. First, we need to think strategically – that is we need to sit down and plan for our digital strategy. Who is our target audience? What are our goals? What are our issues? Second, we need to be customers/ stakeholder focus – that is we need to state the role of our customers/ stakeholders. Third, we need to learn how to use tools to support our strategy – that is the difficult part I experienced. How should we know the tools are suitable? How to evaluate tools, any learning to the development. Finally, we need to conduct analytics research – that is we need to use big data to find out what we are doing great and what we need improvements.

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